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Patient Testimonials

Testimonial Date: 6/27/2022

Margaret Brunner, 100th Birthday

Today we celebrated Margaret's hundreth birthday. "This is Dr. Patch my chiropracter. He has kept me going all these years. I do all the exercises he taught me every day. If it weren't for Dr. Patch, I wouldn't be here to enjoy my birthday with all of you.

Testimonial Date: 6/1/2022

Relieving Low Back Pain While Doing the Dishes


It is very common for people to experience lower back pain when they are standing still with their feet side-by-side and the arms extended doing simple tasks such as washing dishes at the kitchen sink or prepping a meal on a counter top. The problem is that your arms are cantilevered against your lower back muscles and joints putting undo stress on your lower back.

To take the stress off your back put one foot forward and one foot back. This more athletic stance shifts the load of your arms onto those big, strong muscles in the front of your leading thigh. You can feel the difference immediately. When your thigh starts to feel tired, shift feet and put the other one forward. This also works if you are using a standup desk, or working at tabletop bench.  

If possible, put your leading foot under the countertop or workbench where you are standing. For example, open the cupboard door under the kitchen sink and rest your foot on the shelf. Now, when you reach forward, you will feel the load transfer to your strong leg muscles, thus saving your back.


Testimonial Date: 3/3/2022

Lori Chandler


Holistic Chiropractic Testimonial

I went to Dr. Patch for the first time when my regular chiropractor was on vacation and I immediately recognized in that first meeting, that he was a One-in-a-million practitioner and that I’d be in really great hands. I have received such great results that I’ve never returned to my previous Doctor. Now, it's been over 20 years!

       I had become accustomed with my former Doctor, to going in, receiving a quick spinal adjustment and leaving within 5 minutes without ever having any input as to what my problems could be or why I never improved.

In my first meeting with Dr. Patch, a turning point came when he said, “You can’t experience major results while continuing the same behaviors and old habits; patterns will need to change.” He then proceeded to explain all the problems he had observed just by watching me, including my head protrusion and bad posture, something no other doctor had taken time to do before.

      Dr. Patch actually takes the time to thoroughly get to know his patients, their history, their medical reports, their habits and behavior and then makes a comprehensive plan of how to accomplish the necessary life changes in order to receive maximum resultsI made so much improvement in just the first year with him, and equally important, he gave me valuable input that went beyond getting an adjustment in order for me to make healthy changes and gain a new perspective on a long-term treatment plan.

       I had never in 12 years of seeking neck and back pain found any health care professional to be as kind, caring, thorough, intuitive or effective as Dr. Patch. He has an instinctive ability to find the problem and then fix it in a completely gentle and painless manner. I consider him to be quite brilliant in his field and am proud to call him a friend.

        In addition, I can not say enough about his top notch staff. He has the nicest, most efficient, caring people possible that greet you every time with such friendliness and genuine warmth. I’ve come to know them well and really appreciate what extraordinary people they are and how much they stand out in today’s world.

--- Lori C.

Owner of Vignettes Antiques & Adornments

Testimonial Date: 2/1/2022

Scott Lembach, alias "El Beasto"

50 MPH at 50 years of age!

I have been a patient of Dr. Warren M. Patch on-and-off for 17 years. Because I am involved in many impact sports such as: Downhill Skateboarding, Mountain Biking, Motocross, etc., I need to keep the body limber. Around 2017, I started to experience a severe pinching nerve in my neck which caused a tremendous pain that ran down my left arm to precisely my elbow. I could not even complete a simple task, such as lifting my arm to package boxes in our warehouse. Getting to my keyboard was even a struggle. After an evaluation and a couple of subsequent visits with Dr. Patch, my pain was relieved. I’m 100% convinced in the efficacy of the Professional Chiropractor.

Dr. Patch is incredibly thorough, his explanations are usually filled with analogies or stories from his life’s experiences. Relating your pain with visuals helps grasp why you are in his office. I now realize that like a car, my body needs a maintenance checkup with Dr. Patch every 45-60 days. I am grateful to his wife Natalie who reminds me of my visits because I am bad at keeping my schedule organized. I appreciate what they both have done for me over the years. Their professionalism and friendly demeanor make the trip from Mira Mesa to Ocean Beach worthwhile!

Scott Lembach, Owner of MuirSkate Longboard Shop

Testimonial Date: 12/12/2021

Rodney aka Rocky Burks, Age 70


Dr. Patch has treated me many times over the past twenty years for a lower disc dislocation. When ever my active life style causes my low back to misalign, I know I can count on Dr. Patch to straighten me out and keep my body functioning at a high level. He does this in usually a week or less and always with a thoroughly professional demeanor and personalized service. I have brought my whole family to see Dr. Patch and have always been pleased with the results.

Testimonial Date: 7/15/2019

Dirk Metzger, Age 67


At age  67 I decided to let out my Inner Cowboy. The G-forces are tremendous when I’m riding my cutting pony, and I rely on my good friend, Doctor Warren Patch, to keep my spine aligned so I can stay upright in the saddle!

Testimonial Date: 1/11/2009

Julie P. Age 47

I was in daily pain from injuries to my neck and back. (I had been in a car accident 5 years earlier.)  I also had frequent colds, flue, & allergies.  Dr. Patch checked my spine and found several problems!  I started receiving adjustments and, while I still occasionally have pain, it is extremely infrequent and it no longer interferes with my life.  I have been receiving treatment and doing my prescribed exercises for about twenty years now. I rarely have a cold or flu and only an occasional, mild, allergy incident.  I felt so much better that I started bringing all three of my children since they were babies.  My twins, who were born 8 weeks premature, had “asthma” at 16 months, but Dr. Patch started adjusting them and it cleared right up.  Now, my kids are college-aged, they play competitive sports and have had unusually healthy lives, thanks to regular chiropractic care.

Testimonial Date: 3/6/2008

Maurice Walters, Age 46, March 2008

Because of an injury when I was in the US Marines, by the time I arrived at Dr. Patch’s office, I was only able to walk a very short distance with the aid of my wife and a cane, dragging my left foot behind me. I was on so much pain medication that I was only awake and functional for a few hours a day. My personal life was virtually nonexistent. After more than three years of pain and endless treatment without relief, my determined effort to find an answer led me to "The Wizard of OB." 

The first consultation with Dr. Patch was very thorough covering everything from my case review, medical history, X-rays, and MRI findings. He put all the findings of fact together and recommended a schedule of treatment that included doing simple Qi Gong exercises at home, applying ice, and using a healing meditation tape. Dr. Patch went on to explain what he would expect of me and what would be necessary on my part including the fact that I would have to quit smoking so that my body could heal. My wife and I made a promise to each other to quit cigarettes forever. Dr. Patch and I started working together. It is imperative that the patient be fully engaged in the process to reap the benefits, there can be NO Half-Steps Here, None!

Dr. Patch’s treatment has given me my life back. I now walk daily, something that I have not been able to do for a few years. I no longer have a need for the cane that has been my best friend and constant companion for the past few years, thanks to some special adjustment to my knee joint. I am able to walk without dragging my foot and I no longer experience endless days of never-ending pain. I no longer require heavy doses of pain medication. I am able to walk with my wife and enjoy the stroll, both of which were impossible before my relationship with Dr. Patch. I have experienced a Total Life Style change.

Dr. Patch has always been willing to go the extra mile, in that he took extra time to show me how to do some of the exercises when needed and his words of wisdom like, “Share the Bliss” and “Live with Grace,” along with countless others that always kept me inspired even when the results seemed slower that I would have liked. Dr. Patch certainly exercises the philosophy of “Truth in Caring.”

I thank Dr. Patch for his expertise in all areas of treatment, (Mind Body & Soul). I do not believe the treatment would have been as successful, if it were not for him and all that he brings to his patients, their treatment and care. I will continue to Smile, Breathe Deeply, and Live with Grace as I have been taught. I will forever be grateful for my relationship with the “The Wizard of OB.” Thanks a thousand times, Warren, for all you do and for helping to keep my head on straight, you are truly a blessing… continue to be blessed …be you… BE LOVE!...Namaste’

Maurice Walters

Testimonial Date: 10/15/2006

Billie Locke, Age 84

My name is Billie, Before I saw Doctor Patch I had badheadaches and would vomit for three or four days from the pain. My spine was off-center and it forced pressure on my neck and caused all this.  I started receiving adjustments in 1986 when I was 64 years old, and have been coming here ever since.  I know when I start feeling bad, I come right in for a treatment and then I’m off and running again.  Since coming to Dr. Patch for the past twenty-four years, he has made it possible for me to live a good life.  Because of these treatments, I’ve lived a full life. 

(Our dear Billie Locke passed away in October 2021. We all celebrated her 99th birthday in April, and she was still smiling and dancing.)

Testimonial Date: 12/10/2002

Collin Corrigan, Age 32

To Doc Patch: "Thanks for keeping me tuned-up"

Just a quick note about my experiences with Doctor Patch- I have had treatment from other chiropractors and I have to say that Doctor Patch really understands each person's individual needs. I put my body through a lot racing off-road motorcycles in the Baja 500. When I return from a race, he sets me back in alignment. He does not over-sell me with excessive visits. For that reason I am a repeat patient. I come in on an “as-needed” basis and I am greeted with respect every time.  Thanks Patch Family Spine Center

Testimonial Date: 2/4/2002

Ty T. Age 71

Before I saw Doctor Patch I believed in back pain and various measures of discomfort.  Somewhere among vertebral fractures, while vacillating between scoliosis and lordosis, I fought my way to age seventy-one.  Suddenly, I rebelled against my agonies.  Dr. Patch checked my spine and found that it arched questionably, plus I enjoyed an abnormally misaligned vertebra. I started receiving adjustments and my nights became shorter—sleeping at full rest does that.  The biggest change has been my standing, sitting and lying without having to give advance notice in between.  I’m back taking care of my home again—lifting, digging, sawing and painting—and celebrating each day with an hour and-a-half walk.

Testimonial Date: 6/20/1994

A Letter of Thanks from a Grateful Parent

Dear Dr. Patch, 

I would like very much to thank you for all you have done for my daughter, Danielle. She was 9 months old when I first brought her to you in December, 1992. I don’t know how we would have been able to emotionally deal with another surgery on Danielle which was predicted by other doctors. I will tell our story so you may show this to any patient hesitant about seeing a Chiropractor.

Danielle was born in March 1992, at just over four pounds with several medical problems. In June 1992, at three months, she underwent heart surgery. In August 1992, at five months it was discovered that she had a curvature in her spine, a dislocated hip and a problem with her neck called Torticolis. In September 1992, at six months, she was put into a brace for her hip. The brace was required for three months. Fortunately, the brace worked and she did not require surgery on her hip. The doctors recommended that nothing be done for her curvature of the spine until she reaches five or six years of age! However, we immediately began a regimen of physical therapy on her neck which I can only describe as torturous. The doctors warned us that if we did not do the stretching exercises religiously that Danielle would absolutely undergo another surgery in March 1993, at one year of age. The stretching was so horrible that during September, October, November and December 1992, we could not do all the exercises at home. It was too painful for Danielle as she would scream in pain and I would cry the whole time, trying, in order to avoid surgery. Then in December 1992, a friend of ours recommended you to us just before Christmas. We had never gone to a Chiropractor ourselves and did not really believe in Chiropractors. In January 1993, we were told that Danielle would definitely require surgery on her neck. We were devastated.  We now felt that we had to try something new since we only had two months to go. It was then that our friend strongly urged us to take Danielle to you. You informed us that you could treat Danielle’s neck problem without physical therapy or surgery! 

We had nothing to lose so Danielle began a schedule with you two times a week for the next two months.  We did not tell the doctors what we were doing when we saw them at the physical therapy sessions each week, since they had advised us not to go to a Chiropractor.  They assumed we were keeping our schedule ofphysical therapy at home.

    In February 1993, after less than two months with you, Danielle was cured.  The doctors could not believe the progress she had made in those two months and informed us that she would not require surgery.

    During this whole period of time, thedoctors completely disregarded Danielle’s spine.  You however adjusted her spine along with herneck at each visit.  Although you couldnot cure her spine since it is malformed, you did inform us that adjustmentswould benefit Danielle.

   At two years old, you took another x-ray of Danielle’s spine in order to see if any progress had been made after one year of treatments. I could not believe thedifference!  Although her spine is still malformed,it is so much straighter than I ever thought it could be.  And her neck is perfectly straight and totally cued!

    We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Danielle and for us as a family. Danielle would have definitely undergone at least one more surgery andher spine would still be much more curved. The doctors, although sincere in their beliefs, are wrong about Chiropractors!  Our baby was spared torturous physical therapy and surgery because of you. We are now true believers in Chiropractors.  Please show this letter to potential patients so they may see that you are for real! 

Again, THANK YOU! Sincerely, Michelle S.Danielle's Mother

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